Escape rooms

About game

Escape rooms are real life games for groups which are becoming more and more popular around the world. The game develops participants' thinking and open mindedness in tricky situations. Players search for clues and use said clues to solve different puzzles. The whole idea is to escape the room as quickly as possible.

About Lock Inn escape rooms

In our escape rooms visitors have 75 minutes to escape. We do not have a specific age limit, but keeping in mind the difficulty of our rooms we suggest that the visitors are at least 14 years of age. The older the client the more advantage does the participant have, life experience is greatly valued in our games.

About group size

Minimum group size is 2 people and maximum is 4 people.

About payment

We accept cash on site.

Allowed activities

The visitors are allowed to use everything that is already present in the rooms. It is mandatory to use your own brains. Visitors are not allowed to use mobile phones, tablets, physical strength nor narcotics. Participants are not allowed to enter our rooms when they are intoxicated by some substance.


Parking is possible in the courtyard of Vanemuise 65, across the road from Vaksali 17a and also on Vanemuise street.